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My First blog.


I have avoided this until now, probably as I may enjoy it once I start doing it on a regular basis and neglect other areas f my duties. Mr Suzuki (or should I say Masaya here??) has asked if I would say some messages for our customers and others in Japan. As a great fan of Japan, the culture, the people and so much more i agreed. So, like my very first ever public talk which was in Japan 10 years ago this is my first ever Blog and its for Japan! Mr Suzuki suggested I write about what food I eat and although not the most profound subject to start with it is something I have coincidently been thinking of recently. Not just thinking in desiring way of food but how and why I eat what I do. I have been a strict vegetarian for over 20 years for health, moral, spiritual and environmental reasons. I try to eat fairly healthy and when I come to Japan, the home of good Tofu, then I eat Tofu daily, often with the tasty and sometimes unusual vegetables. As westerner with a much higher intake of Starch and dairy I do have some withdrawal symptoms and cravings after a few days in Japan that I often need to fulfil-or just each chocolate to help! What I have been thinking of recently is although I love my job, it is often vary varied and can be stressful-price changes, shortages, new legislations, customer/supplier demands, staff holidays etc and I have been aware that at the time of stress I do eat more and also crave more of the less healthy foods, i.e High Sugar/starch(biscuits) and then 20 mins later Salty products(crisps, nuts etc) and then sugar again and this cycle I am trying to break with the first step of awareness and by not letting myself become stressed-as mental stress is manmade, in our minds and how you deal with issues is a human problem that I and am sure we all fall into many times. I also try and remember some words of a famous healer who in a book talks about how must only eat when we are not stressed, enjoy, savour the food without stress and this is something often hard in this fast paced life to do, but it is not impossible. To help my mind fight these cravings I have put a bottle of re-balance synergy on my desk that I now stop to smell to help calm down, then drink some water and then carry on without feeding the demands for food-maybe there is a new diet book here?? J .










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